Tejas Brothers

Tejas Brothers

Performance Date: May 30th

The Story:  After forming in the fall of 2006, the Tejas Brothers quickly became the subject of big conversation around the stockyards of Fort Worth.  Within a few short years, they had earned the respect as one of the best live acts in Texas.

The Music:  The group’s debut CD, TEJAS BROTHERS,  was recognized as the 7th most played album for 2009 by the Americana Music Association.  With the release of their 2nd album, RICH MAN, Kelly Dearmore of the Dallas Observer said, “The quartet is once again proving itself one of the best bands in the state.”  The group released their third CD, LIVE A LITTLE MORE, in April of 2013. It features guest appearances from: Larry Joe Taylor, Augie Meyers, Deryl Dodd, and was produced by Lloyd Maines.  Their latest release, LIVE AND LOOSE …at last, was recorded at Tommy Alverson’s Family Gathering and released in October of 2014.  Roothog Radio says, “If this music doesn’t put a wiggle in your walk, you’d better get your hearing tested.”

The Show:  The Tejas Brothers use the stage like a weapon,  attacking your heart and poking at your funny bone.  Their sound is unique, yet familiar…it’s like something brand new on top of something we’ve all known and loved forever.  Once you’ve experienced a show, you’ll never want to miss another.  Even the coldest nights in Green Bay won’t stop cheese heads from braving the ice and snow to see those dudes from Texas play!


The Brothers:
Dave Perez – Accordion/Harmonica/Vocals
John Garza – Bass/Vocals
Jame Shelton – Pedal Steel/Vocals
Tim Crispin – Drums